Federal Loan from Payday versus Direct Federal Loan

      There are many types of loans to help students pay the costs of higher education. With their usually lower interest rates and more generous conditions, federal student loans are the first place families should look for funding not covered by scholarships and grants. See College Loans: Private Vs. Federal .   Federal […]

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How Much Loan Does The Sweden Have?

  We at have reviewed the latest statistics (March 2018) from Statistics Sweden to find out how the mortgage lending in Sweden is. We have, among other things, gone through Statistics Sweden’s Financial Market Statistics, which is produced by Statistics Sweden, the Unit for Balance of Payments and Financial Market Statistics, on behalf of Sveriges […]

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Payday loan consolidation help

Consolidated loans without KRD – Where to borrow?

  Is it possible to get a consolidated loan without verification in the KRD? To answer this question at the beginning, let us determine what is the national debtors’ register. KRD, is a company that collects debtors’ data from across Poland. You can enter the register, for example, for an unpaid ticket, delays in paying […]

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Interest in consumer loan differs too much

If you have a consumer loan in the form of a revolving credit, then you are dealing with a variable interest rate. You pay this interest on the withdrawn amount of the revolving credit. So it is not known in advance how much your actual costs are. Lenders may temporarily increase the interest on this […]

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Credit Loan Information – How Does It Work?

We often get questions about how credit reports work and therefore thought in this article to clarify everything that has to do with credit information. The idea is that this article should be comprehensive and therefore you are welcome to send us an email if there is something missing or unclear. A credit report can […]

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